Individual Categories

Manufacturing Leader of the Year

Leadership Excellence in the Manufacturing Industry

Emerging Manufacturing Leader of the Year

Budding professional in the Manufacturing Industry

Chief Manufacturing Officer of the Year

Leadership Excellence in hands on involvement in the Manufacturing process

Chief Operating Officer of the Year

COO with 25+ years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry

Best Woman Leader in Manufacturing

Leadership Excellence by a Woman in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Innovator of the Year

Digital Innovation successfully implemented in the Manufacturing Industry

Organization Categories

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Organization leveraging Digitalization and Technological transformation

Digital Innovation in Manufacturing

Organisation that optimizes production process, improves in quality control and enable Predictive Maintenance with the integration of Technology

Sustainability in Manufacturing

Implementation of Ethics & Responsibilities appropriate to Operational Realities

Excellence in the Manufacturing Process

Organization having a robust digital strategy and sound Engineering solutions

Best Use of Technology

Simplification & Optimization of the Manufacturing process using latest technology

Innovation in Supply Chain

Leveraging connected planning platforms and collaboration for successful supply chain transformation

Best Distribution Strategy

Digitization, Optimization & Automation of the Supply Chain

Smart Factory of the Year

Improving Scalability, Flexibility and Production Efficiency by using Smart Manufacturing Technology